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Stay in shape while sitting?

The ergonomic ball is an effective and above all easy way to keep fit effortlessly. Everyone knows the importance of good posture while sitting. Leading experts recognize that sitting on an ergonomic ball is ideal for having an optimal back position while building the body. 


Why use Big B'loun? 

“Today, it's more dangerous to work all day sitting at the desk than to be a bricklayer. It suffices to note that people who sit all day are also those who take the most time off work. Why ? Because a badly seated person does not respect the natural shape of his back. This creates lordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis and other back, hip, bowel, circulatory, heart and other problems. »Says the Doctor Terry Lidarssi.

Sitting on an ergonomic ball is an opportunity to take care of your back on a daily basis and to build it up. The whole body needs movement in order to function properly. Sitting in a chair prevents you from moving. Indeed, the chair is a fixed and stable point at two points, at ground level and at seat level, which makes your posture passive. The ergonomic ball, on the other hand, is unstable at ground level and at seat level, which unconsciously forces our body to fight the laws of gravity to prevent falling, which causes your body to do weight exercises. strength training and muscle and joint stretching without you even realizing it. Experts agree that the many beneficial effects of the ergonomic ball make it one of the best ways to sit in the world. 

To conclude: 

The ergonomic ball allows you to have an ideal sitting position while building muscles and constantly correcting your back posture. Usually, the downside of ergonomic balloons is that they are generally unsightly, rubber, uncomfortable, noisy, and garish in color. Thanks to Big B'loun, this problem is solved thanks to its luxurious, classy and modern design at the same time. The cover in very high quality fabrics gives it a comfort and an aestheticism which, without a doubt, will always marry well with your interior, that it is in the office, at home or in a room of sport. The quality of the materials make it a sturdy chair that will satisfy you for many years to come.


Discover the Big B'loun ergonomic ball.


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