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Anti Gray Hair / Beard Lotion: More info

Anti Grey Hair Lotion restores your grey hair to its original color (up to 50% in 4 months) by sustainably increasing the production of melanin (natural hair dye) as well as by reducing the oxidative stress of the hairline.



    Use Case

    • Apply 2 pipettes per day for 4 months on the areas to be treated, directly on the scalp, preferably on dry hair.
    • Massage the scalp until the product is completely absorbed
    • Do NOT rinse your hair.
    • Repeat this every day for 4 months. For optimal and lasting results, continue the treatment once or twice a week after the treatment.

    Origin and ingredients

    Anti Grey Hair lotion is designed, produced and stored in Belgium. 

    Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Acetyl Tyrosine, Sodium Anisate, Citric Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Larix Europaea Wood Extract, Glycine, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Zinc Chloride, Sodium Metabisulfite, Ethyl Ascorbic Acid.


    Why is Anti Grey Hair lotion the most effective on the market?

    To restore your hair to its natural color, Dr. Lidarssi has developed a new active ingredient present in the lotion: TerrySpher®.


    What is TerrySpher®?

    TerrySpher® is a multi-lamellar vector which allows the active ingredients to be kept for up to 72 hours. So that the Anti grey Hair / Beard product has time to penetrate deep into the hairline to “cleanse”, “anti-oxidize” it and stimulate the production of hair pigment.

    The natural pigmentation of hair and other types of body hair.

    The melanogenesis represents the mechanism at the origin of the synthesis of melanins which takes place within an intracytoplasmic organelle, of the family of secretory lysosomes, called “melanosome”.

    Fig 1: Structure of the hair follicle (according to the Medical Dictionary 2011)

    The human hair shaft is made up of three different layers: the cuticle (outer shell), the Corte (inner part, containing melanin granules, responsible for hair color), and the medulla (soft core present only in the hair mature whites). The production of melanin in the hair is controlled by the melanocytes located in the matrix of the hair bulb. Their activity is regulated by the normal hair cycle:

    • During the anagen phase (growth), the melanin produced by the active melanocytes is transferred to the cortical keratinocytes, resulting in pigmentation of the entire hair shaft.
    • During the catagen phase, melanocytes go into apoptosis and disappear during the telogen phase.
    • To produce pigmented hair during the new anagen phase, a new pool of melanocytes will migrate and differentiate from the hair follicle stem cell reservoir (ORSc) to the hair bulb to naturally pigment the new hair.

    Fig 2: Hair follicle cycle1 

    Loss of pigmentation - main causes: aging and oxidative stress

    The greying of hair is explained by age-related functional changes in the stimulation and migration of stem cells from the bulb, but also by environmental factors. Indeed, the accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in melanocytes during aging will lead to mutations, a decrease in the antioxidant protection system, inflammation, hair loss and greying, through two main factors actions :

    • Decreased melanogenesis (decreased production of melanin by melanocytes)
    • Decreased number of melanocytes (fewer melanocytes to produce melanin

    TerrySpher®: act on melanocytes to repigment the hair shaft 

    TerrySpher® fights grey hair by the following mechanism

    • Protects hair follicles from oxidation [ROS] 
    • Stimulates hair follicle stem cells to create new melanocytes.
    • Activates melanogenesis to increase melanin production

    Fig 3: Mode of action of TerrySpher®

    This mode of action is completely independent of gender, hair type or hair color, making Anti Grey Hair Hauliga® an ideal solution to universally target greying of hair. In 4 months, the Anti Grey Hair Hauliga® significantly reduces the proportion and density of grey hair [up to 50%].

    Clinically proven efficacy

    It is clinically proven * that the active TerrySpher® reduces the density of grey hair by up to 50% after just 4 months. Double-blind studies have made it possible to compare the results obtained by the product with those obtained with a placebo version. 

    Although it is important to follow the treatment for at least 4 months, it is proven that the lotion already starts to increase the production of melanin by 15% after only 3 days. 

    * Study conducted in 2019 on 44 volunteers who used the product daily for 4 months.


    Discover the Anti Gray Hair lotion.

    Discover the Anti Gray Beard lotion.


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