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No Dyeing! Natural products help you permanently reverse your gray / white hair!

No Dyeing! Natural products help you permanently reverse your gray / white hair!

Do you know why your hair will turn gray or white? Do you know how to reverse the original color of your hair with the help of natural products? In this article we are going to discover together the secret of hair color. 


  • The secret control your hair color - Melanin 
  • Reasons why you hair color turn gray or white 
  • The natural product help melanin restore - Hauliga® Anti gray hair lotion
  • The secret control your hair color - Melanin 

    Melanin is the secret in your scalp that is responsible for your hair color. The human hair shaft is made up of three different layers: the cuticle (outer shell), the Corte (inner part, containing melanin granules, responsible for hair color), and the medulla (softcore present only in the hair mature whites). The production of melanin in the hair is controlled by the melanocytes located in the matrix of the hair bulb. 

    There are two types of Melanocytes: eumelanin and pheomelanin. Eumelanin is a dark pigment that gives hair dark black or brown color. Whereas, pheomelanin is a lighter pigment that gives hair yellow, red, or orange color. Your genes will determine the construction of these two types of melanocytes and finally determine your hair color. 

    Reasons why your hair color turn gray or white 

    The production of melanin in the hair is normally regulated by the normal hair cycle: 

    • During the anagen phase (growth), the melanin produced by the active melanocytes is transferred to the cortical keratinocytes, resulting in pigmentation of the entire hair shaft.
    • During the catagen phase, melanocytes go into apoptosis and disappear during the telogen phase.
    The normal hair cycle

    Figure 1. The normal hair cycle

    Age related reasons 

    So, age is an important reason for your gray hair. As you grow older, your normal melanin pigment production function will slow down, so that your hair will gradually lose its original color. And usually, it is impossible to restore the hair color without any interventions in this situation. 

    Environmental reasons 

    The graying of hair can also be caused by environmental factors, like awakening during nights, overexposure to sunlight, excessive physical exercise, smoking, fasting, etc. 

    chemical products

    Harsh chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) present in shampoos or conditioners can cause premature graying of hair.

    Other reasons 

    Other reasons like improper diet, too much stress can also influence the production of melanin pigment which will finally result in the color loss of your hair. 

    The natural product help your melanin restore - Hauliga Anti Gray Hair Lotion 

    With the revolutionary scientific invention - TerrySpher®, created by Dr. Terry Lidarssi, the Hauliga Anti Gray Hair Lotion can help activate and stimulate the production of melanin pigment so that it contributes to the restoration of your original hair color. 

    What is TerrySpher®

    TerrySpher® is a multi-lamellar vector which allows the active ingredients to be kept for up to 72 hours. So that the Anti gray Hair product has time to penetrate deep into the hairline to clean it and stimulate the production of hair pigment.

    TerrySpher® fights gray hair by the following mechanism: firstly, it protects hair follicles from oxidation [ROS]; then, it stimulates hair follicle stem cells to create new melanocytes; finally it activates melanogenesis to increase melanin production which help your white or gray hair permanently turn to its original color. And this mode of action is completely independent of gender, hair type or hair color, which means it works for everyone. 

    Mode of action of TerrySpher

    Figure 2. Mode of action of TerrySpher

    Based on natural ingredients 

    The Anti Gray hair Lotion developed by Hauliga® based on 100% natural ingredients. With the patented active ingredient TerrySpher®, it repigments the hair from the root without using artificial colors. In addition to restoring the color in existing gray hair, it revitalizes them and makes them healthy and young. 

    TerryShper® in other uses

    In addition to restoring your hair color, TerrySpher is also powerful for restoring your beard color, see more with the Anti Gray Beard lotion:

    What's more, If you are troubled by hair loss and hair fall, welcome to check out our ADVANCED HAIR THERAPY: 



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