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8 tips for taking good care of your light hair

8 tips for taking good care of your light hair

8 tips for taking good care of your light hair

Your blond hair is your baby: you pamper it, you care for it and avoid chlorine like the plague. No, you will never forget that day when you came back with a green mane from an afternoon swimming pool with the girlfriends. But rather than doing all the unfortunate experiences yourself, wouldn't it be easier if you were given all the tips to maintain your blonde hair without risking looking like a cross between a cactus and an ear of wheat?

Regardless of the shade of your blonde hair, whether it's platinum blonde, ash blonde or even Californian blonde, you know that colored or natural blonde hair is fragile and requires special maintenance.

The UV rays, pollution or even the lime present in our pipes attack them without you realizing it, until the day you notice that your hair looks like dry straw, or worse, that it starts to break. , fall like flies or change color! So how do you maintain and protect your cherished blonde hair? Here are our 7 tips: 

  1. As a blonde, in absolute terms, it is advisable to wash your hair as little as possible.

  2. When choosing shampoo and conditioner, look to formulas specially designed for blonde hair that will preserve and revive your color. For this, avoid anything that is abrasive or stripping and opt for products specifically intended for blonde hair. To keep your blonde from pulling your head, purple and blue or silver shampoos are all the rage and work well to neutralize any questionable color that would want to ruin your gorgeous blonde. Just be careful not to choose a formula that is too aggressive.
  3. If you have blonde (de) colored hair, it usually means it is damaged and dehydrated, meaning that it is very thirsty. Do not forget to feed them every day with a specific restorative treatment. This will prevent you from finding half of it in your brush each time you brush!
  1. Hot tools like hair dryers or straighteners are harsh on all hair types, but even harder on (de) colored hair and blonde hair. And yes, unfortunately for you, blond is the most fragile color! But since we can't decently prevent you from brushing yourself, we'll explain how to minimize the damage.

Depending on your hair type and preferences, try a cream, spray, or balm that protects against heat to combat damage while preventing the color from fading.

  1. Same fight with the sun, which tends to damage your hair! Hats and scarves are right on trend this summer and are the best defense against UV rays. If you don't feel like cluttering up, more and more brands are offering products that protect against UV rays or repair the hair after exposure to the sun.
  1. Do you get paranoid every time you take a dip in the pool full of chlorine that threatens to turn your hair green? You are right, but there are things you can do to try to protect yourself. The swim cap from our childhood swimming lessons is the ultimate shield ... But yes, it could undermine your whole look. And what good is having such a beautiful mane if it's to look like the bespectacled earthworm we all were in in college's compulsory swimming class?

To avoid the ugly bonnet, you can apply a protective serum before swimming; it will create a barrier between your hair and salt water or chlorine. Once out of the water, rinse your hair directly to remove chlorine and salt residues. If you still notice a greenish tint, use a specific shampoo to remove it.

  1. First and foremost, the most important thing to do is to make sure your hairstylist knows how to create and touch up your color without it getting too even. Dyeing your hair too often leads to stress and excessive dryness. This will be slightly attenuated by the use of the lotion but we nevertheless advise you not to force too much on the dose of colo!
  1. Masks are your best ally in combating damage! Bet on at least one per week and, as always, favor those formulated for colored hair. The ideal is to make the holy trinity of hair care: shampoo, conditioner and mask.
  • If your hair is colored, use products rich in plant active ingredients - such as the acai berry -, antioxidant vitamin E and vegetable oil (such as flax). This will make your hair healthier. You can also apply a nourishing leave-in treatment (based on shea butter for example) which smooths the hair fiber and nourishes it deeply. The best is to put it on towel-dried hair after shampooing (even if some products can be applied to dry hair). For a complete routine of delicate and brittle blonde hair, use serum or oil on your ends (on dry hair), before going to bed.
  • If your hair has been faded from brown to blonde, alternate treatments for colored hair and restorative treatments containing ceramides (these are lipids that strengthen your hair).


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