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4 rules and tips for taking good care of dark hair

4 rules and tips for taking good care of dark hair

4 rules and tips for taking good care of dark hair

Healthy black to brown hair reflects light, making it shiny and radiant. However, if they are not well hydrated, their color fades, making them look dull and grayish. It is therefore important to treat them with care specific to their nature.

Like blond or red hair, brown is subjected to various aggressions: pollution, stress, electrical devices… As a result, it loses its shine and luminosity! To find or keep beautiful dark hair, all you need to do is adopt an adapted beauty routine and pamper its lengths.

  1. Hydrate your hair

It is often mistakenly believed that dark hair needs less care than light hair. And yet, like all others, they are subjected to various external aggressions. As we saw earlier, it is mainly these attacks that will promote the appearance of gray hair. To prolong the radiance and beauty of chocolate or auburn highlights, it is first important to properly hydrate the hair fiber.

You can take an oil bath once a month to protect and nourish. Start by selecting a vegetable oil (coconut, jojoba, castor, avocado or apricot oil). Apply it to your lengths and wrap them in a towel. Leave on for 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you have very weakened hair, leave it on overnight! For a very long time the women of North Africa carried out this ritual either with olive oil or with argan oil.  Then go to the shampoo step to eliminate the greasy appearance and you will find a very soft, nourished and invigorated hair.

Do not hesitate to repeat the operation if you expose yourself a lot to the sun. For a complete routine, you can also apply a hair mask once a week after shampooing to keep color stable!

  1. Use a shampoo suitable for brown hair

If your brown hair is colored, successive washes will alter the color. Result: red highlights may appear. While this can look beautiful on some people, it is not a very good sign for the health of your hair! To find beautiful shades, you must first use a shampoo adapted to the nature of your hair.

Then, avoid products containing silicones, parabens and sulphates. These ingredients tend to suffocate the hair fiber. Better to bet on cleansing care composed of natural ingredients, vitamins and fruit extracts. Another tip: apply the lotion at least once a week even if you have finished the treatment. This will maintain the effect and also allow the hair to maintain an even and stable color.

This type of treatment is ideal for reviving the intensity of the reflections. Its principle is simple: it allows to prolong the color thanks to the increase in the production of melanin by the hair. Different from coloring or scanning, it only works in depth. By using this type of product once a week, you can maintain your color for a long time and limit the root effect.

  1. Protect your hair from UV rays

As with the skin, the sun has a direct impact on the hair. Over the exposures, the brown can tarnish, even lose a tone! It is therefore important toapply a protective treatment against UV rays. In particular, there are special sun hair creams that apply almost like sunscreen. You can put it directly on your beach towel, before swimming or in the morning when you are doing your hair. After doing a few lengths, don't forget to rinse your hair well, because the combination of sun and salt can do damage. This is as true for brunettes as it is for blondes! You don't want your color to take damage from poorly managed exposure.

  1. Apple cider vinegar, a complementary ally for beautiful hair

It's not just repeat shampooing that blurs the color. Hard water is also responsible for dulling the hair! Indeed, lime deposits are regularly deposited on the surface of the hair, making it dull and lacking in vigor.

To regain beautiful hair, there is a grandmother's trick passed down from generation to generation: apple cider vinegar.. In addition to accelerating growth, this miracle product effectively eliminates lime residue

To appreciate its virtues, rinse your lengths with this natural product after each shampooing and find shiny hair. Note that apple cider vinegar also helps fight dandruff and reduce frizz. a product to quickly integrate into your new hair routine! Furthermore, rinsing your hair in lukewarm water, then in cold water will tighten their scales to make them shine.


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